1.If your journey started in a traditional way, where your family arranged your introduction, think of those moments when you met each other,tag heuer replica it is usually great fun to revisit those moments. This would even be better if you had helped yourself in finding your better half, it would be a great fun to re-harsh that with your spouse on your special day.
2.If you are able to give yourself privacy and get away from your daily routine, where you can reconnect with all your tender moments, especially the days up to your marriage – all those movie visits, never ending coffee shop meetings, long drives, wow! so many things to bring back those goose bumps and beautiful experiences to live.
3.Looking at your Sangeet and Mehendi (if you had one) would be great joy; especially all the fun with your friends and family.

4.Revisiting the big day, the moments of your knot, all the rituals you performed together – it might enable you see and visualize how it all happened – the different aspects you can think now verses in those moments.

5.Indian wedding food is something unique and mostly unparallel irrespective of the scale. Remember the moments that you sat together and ate your first meal in the wedding hall.

6.After all the hard work, long list of rituals, going through never ending lines of well wishers who came wish you in your reception, don’t forget to remember your first intimate moments together as wife and husband.